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Welcome to VenTiki

Step foot onto the Lanai patio where you can feel the warmth of the islands with a tiki waterfall, wahine muraled flower garden, tiki torches, and a fire pit for those chilly island nights. The lounge plays island music, surf tunes, lounge music, and even exotica. We invite you to a seat and order your favorite drinks.

As you enter the Lounge you are greeted with tikis, custom art and of course the best rum selection in Ventura county. The bartenders wear their best aloha outfits making the most intoxicating beverages on this side of the Pacific.

Sip on our Specialty Drinks

Our Mai Tais are made the way they were invented by Trader Vic with a healthy dose of lime and rum, no grenadine or pineapple can be found in these drinks. Lapu Lapu's are named after Chief Lapu Lapu who killed Ferdinand Magellan. Don the Beachcombers' 1934 recipe for the Zombie is sure to remind you of your own mortality. VenTiki also has Modern drinks, like the Altar of Sacrifice, which comes complete with a flaming lime to ward of evil spirits. The Lagoon of Forbidden Desire will transport you to your own private Island Oasis. The Shrunken Head may not keep the witch doctor away but after a couple of these whiskey drinks you may not care.

Dine at the Punk Rock Kitchen

Our Punk Rock Kitchen will assault your taste buds with delicious eats including the famed Seared Diver Scallops, Feta Tuna, Loco Moco, Shaka Rainbra Roll and Tuna on Fire. We use only the freshest ingredients that are locally sourced when available.

We are always testing and creating new dishes and specialized desserts. Our Punk Rock Kitchen is never boring, so always ask your server or bartender about what's new in the kitchen.